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Changes Coming in the Telecomm Industry


We are going through some incredible changes in the Telecommunications industry.  We have watched Verizon shift the focus of most of their investment toward the wireless technology and we must get Verizon to redirect their focus back to building out Fios over the fiber landline network. We will have to do this through regulatory and legislative intervention, enacted by the people we help to elect. We will need the help of our elected representatives to get Verizon reengaged in developing and building the best means to deliver phone, video and high speed broadband- through a fiber landline network.


We have seen Verizon making the vast majority of their investment into their wireless network, all the while abandoning the landline network throughout most of the state. Even the fiber build out going on right now is for the ODAS network that will support their 5G network. Verizon will provide Fios over the ODAS, but it is with the intent to eliminate the last leg of the Fios network by delivering Fios over a wireless platform to the home. The FCC removed High Speed Broadband from the definition of basic service, which will make it even harder to get it included in the NYS definition of Basic Service. 19 states have approved ending traditional landline service, with Illinois being the last to do so. The only reason it has not happened here in N.Y. is due to our political action. The FCC has passed numerous regulations to help the wireless industry make the process for the 5G buildout easier and cheaper, including ‘One Touch, Make Ready’, streamlining the permitting process for the 5g small cell antennas and reducing the cost that can be charged for those permits.


We are in the fight of our lives to keep the work that feeds our families. We will need legislative and regulatory intervention to do so. The only way we will be able to accomplish this is to have the right people in office that will actually fight with us and work to pass legislation and regulatory language to accomplish this goal.


Political Successes


>Passed Double Pole Legislation in Suffolk County and Southampton, Babylon, Brookhaven, Riverhead & Southhold Towns


>Halted the deployment of Voice Link on Fire Island


>Forced Fiber build on Fire Island after Town Hall Meetings


>Halted Verizon’s request for a Tariff change with the NYS PSC


>Stopped Verizon’s request to force migrate customers on to Voice Link


>Stopped Verizon’s attempt to end landline service and their role as ‘Carrier of Last Resort’


>Petition delivered to NYS PSC with over 70 N.Y. Elected Representatives as co-signers


>PSC hearings on State of copper Network in NY with elected representatives testifying on CWA’s behalf which will lead to a settlement to repair and restore the copper network

Town hall meetings for Fios in Brookhaven and Riverhead Towns


>Massive support from elected representatives walking our picket lines in Strike of 2016, including Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, ending with Department of Labor Chair Tom Perez forcing Verizon to bargain fairly with CWA & IBEW


>Babylon Town Resolution passed to cease business with Verizon during strike of 2016

Suffolk County Resolution to cease business with Verizon during Strike of 2016


Incomplete Political Action


We have been unable to get the following bills passed because of the current leadership in the NYS Senate. If we can not change the current leadership, we will NEVER pass a single piece of Telecomm legislation in NYS to protect our work and jobs:


Call Center Bill- Stop the outsourcing of Call Center jobs from NYS. CWA has lost over 1,000 Call Center jobs in NY by VZ outsourcing to foreign countries. NYS lost 37,310 call center jobs over the last 10 years. Passed in the Assembly in 2017 & 2018. It was never considered by the Senate for a vote in either year, even though we had over 42 bipartisan co-sponsors in 2018!


Copper State of Good Repair Bill- Directs the PSC to require Vz to upgrade our copper network back into a state of good repair with sufficient investment to accomplish this and maintain it after doing so. Strong support in the Assembly. Never considered for a vote in the Senate.


Fiber Build Out Bill- Directs NYS PSC to identify the communities without access to fiber optic services and require the construction and installation of fiber optic services over a fiber optic network by the local provider. Since Verizon has received tax breaks and rate increases with the promise to build out their fiber optic network, this bill would finally force to live up to their commitments. Strong support in the Assembly. Never considered for a vote in the Senate.


Landline Merger/Sale Bill- Directs the PSC to hold hearings if a local telecomm provider tries to sell off their landlines. The hearings would determine if the sale would be in the best interests of the residents of NY, would make sure that the company buying the landlines are financially sound and would set aside a percentage of the sale proceeds for investment back into the network. Passed in the Assembly in years past, never considered by the Senate for a vote!


This is not a partisan issue. It is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It is a CWA issue! We are all CWA!  Fact is we support both and both support us. In the past, we have endorsed Democrats and  Republicans and made donations to Democrats and to Republicans.  We make our decisions based solely on who has stood with us and we in turn stand with them. But the only way we will ever get this done is to have our voices heard and to help elect our friends. When we help them they can help us!  


That is why I urge you to consider the candidates that we have endorsed, because they have demonstrated their willingness to put their name on our bills, put their name on a vote for our bills and have committed to us that they will do so in the future. We do not endorse those that have refused to do so for us in the past or will not commit to do so in the future. These are difficult times politically, and we respect everyone’s opinion, so the most important message we can give, is: exercise your constitutional right to vote, but make sure you VOTE!!





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